Q: What is this? What is it not?

A: This site is an intentional conversation about the women that are shaping our future, including  founders, influencers and deal makers. The list may grow, it may shrink, but it is really just a list. It is not a community, organization or club.  


Q: Why was the guide created? 

A: While many people are addressing the quantity problem (how do we get more women in here), we also need to address the quality issue (how do we increase the visibility of successful women?) The most frequent response to “why aren’t there any women on your board of directors/panel/executive team?” is “I couldn’t find any,” as if women are a rare breed deserving of a field guide for the uninitiated. Rather than copying and pasting a list we maintained internally, we felt it better to publish for others to use.


Q: How can I best use this guide?

A:  Any organization that asks itself “Where are the women?” is welcome to use the guide. This includes the media, boards of directors, conference organizers, hiring organizations, investors, job hunters and people seeking mentors.


Q: How do I add someone?

A: Conduct a search to make sure that the person is not already listed. If not, click on “Add a name” and add the requisite information. You may add yourself.


Q: What are the criteria for inclusion?

A: We are looking to curate a list of highly successful women in who have founded companies with viable revenue streams, risen to C-level status or are otherwise influencing the world. 


Q: How do I update my information?

A:  Navigate to your profile page. Click  on "This is my profile and I'd like to update it." If you still have issues, please email: fieldguide (at) luminary-labs (dot) com