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Christine Brumback

  • Director of Product Management, Fitbit
San Francisco, CA

"Prioritize what will make a great product. Everything else comes after that."

Christine Brumback is passionate about products that are both fun while measurably improving lives.  She’s a Florida native, former Brooklynite, and a current San Francisco resident, but the Internet has been her home since 1994.

On finding her path to product: "While working as a front-end developer at the Discovery Channel Online, I loved building things and solving problems and became passionate about identifying and balancing both user and business needs. I moved into a Producer role at an online media company to get experience on the business side, and from there moved into Product."

On satisfaction: "Most gratifying: Hearing from customers that the product has measurably improved their life, health, happiness. Most satisfying: Knowing I and my team did our best to deliver meaningful product for customers."

Biggest launch: "It’s coming in 2012 - still under wraps. We're delving into cross platform product experience and having to face new, and relatively challenging constraints."

On Success: biggest learning: "Success to me can be very subjective, but think there are some common attributes: setting clear goals, measuring progress and being flexible and responsive if customer insights suggest a different approach is better. Also - teams that work well together tend to be more successful at producing good products. And, don't forget to give *and* take credit where it's due."

On Failure: biggest learning: "I fail everyday!  The hardest part of failure for me has been learning to request and take feedback constructively, and not take it personally. The key is to stay focused on learning from it, improving and remaining creative despite setbacks."

What women need to know about product roles: "Product roles vary tremendously depending on the company and industry. They can be creative, analytic, market focused, tech focused, etc.  In some environments, PMs become the "get stuff done" person and if someone is considered good at that, it can actually get in the way of core product work. Advice for women considering a product role: prioritize what will make a great product. Everything else comes after that."



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