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We all need a little help from time to time to keep our emotions and moods in check, and for some like myself, you need an arsenal of methods 


All this to say, I’ve reached a point now where I am deeply aware of how fleeting time is, and how easy it is to waste a day way, thinking you’ll have plenty more where that came from, to then see that in fact, a decade went by in the blink of an eye. Every year the calendar cycle seems to get shorter and shorter. WHAT? IT’S ALREADY APRIL?! But, Christmas was just last week!


Images provided by ARO HĀ Wellness Retreat.


Pritika Yamamoto, Founder

João Solakoglu, Founder

Katarzyna Astatke, Instructor

Ólafur Ohayon, Instructor

Adeola Baldessari, Instructor