Five Powerful Benefits of Journaling + Tips to Get You Started!

Five Powerful Benefits of Journaling + Tips to Get You Started!


The day I decided to start journaling was March 24th of 2017.  Finding myself in the midst of a major life decision that would take me from Texas to California and likely alter the course of relationships and the like for the foreseeable future. 

As someone who strives to be optimistic and keep a level head at the same time, I found myself struggling to make sense of the emotions and thoughts that filled my mind. I needed a way to organize the mess and fast! 

After a few days of research and reminiscing on points earlier in my life when I relied heavily on journaling I pulled together a template that I still use today (see below). Making it a point to take those few critical moments each day for myself. Giving myself the time and energy I needed in that time to successfully navigate the challenge my family faced. Fast forward to today -- I still journal every morning and can confidently endorse journaling as a great method to learn about yourself, make tuff decisions based on data you've collected, and a whole host of benefits beyond those. 


  • Reduces Stress

  • Increased Cognitive Function 

  • Personal Growth 

  • Increased Achievement 

  • Deeper appreciaton for your life 

How to Start Journaling: 

  1. Purchase a journal. One you will enjoy writing in. For me that's a Moleskine journal. They come in a variety of colors and I've yet to repeat one. Don't forget to purchase  a writing utensil that suites your style best. 
  2. Set an intention. Why are you journaling? What do you hope this will help you with? How important is solving this issue to you? Find something that brings genuine meaning to your journaling. I personally journal because it helps me make sense of my thoughts, better aligns me to my best self, and starts my day off on a positive, self-loving, note. 
  3. Decide when you'll journal each day, and do your best to stick to it. Most importantly, don't skip a day of journaling if you can help it. It takes little just a couple minutes to sit down and write a few reasons you're grateful for your life. 
  4. List at least three gratitudes as a way to start your journaling practice. This will lead you to see more of the great in situations and likely help you to see more of the great in you.  
  5. Repeat Daily. If you struggle in the beginning don't beat yourself up. Do what you can. So long as you try, you'll unlock a wealth of knowledge, confidence, and effectiveness you've always wanted. 

Journaling Techniques and Tips: 

  • Gratitude Journaling: A simple journaling practice of writing down three things you're grateful for every day. This is my personal favorite as you can see above. 
  • Stream of Consciousness Journaling: Allow your thoughts and emotions to spill out of your mind, word for word. As with everything - you can do this at your own pace, but my advice is to get to a point where you're comfortable expressing yourself honestly in your journal. 
  • Goal Journaling: Setting a clear intention for yourself and then reporting back daily to yourself on your progress. This is a wonderful exercise that truly shows the power of small daily changes adding up into one large change.

None of these sound interesting? That's fine! 

  • You don't need a technique or a template to get started. Write what feels right. 
  • IF you're worried about someone snooping
    • Don't be - in most cases people don't really care about what you're writing about as much as you think they do 
    • Password protect your journal file
    • Keep your journal close by 
    • Hide your journal in an obscure place 
    • My least favorite - tear up each page after you write it. You'll still get the benefits of journaling, but you won't be able to look back at who you were then 

What's your next step? When Are you planning to start your journaling experience? 

Check out my personal journaling template here!

LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES in the comment section below or email - HELLO@AFIELDGUIDETO.COM

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