Start Journaling - It's a Gift; Learn Why

Start Journaling - It's a Gift; Learn Why

Want to give yourself a really special gift? Something that will give you access to the past. Help you deal with your present realities. A gift that can do all of this plus can guide your future!?!

Start a journal

Considering this practice is very low lift to get started - meaning all you need is a pen, paper, pencil, word processor, keyboard (you get the picture) - it’s not surprising that it’s often one of the first actions many take when looking to improve their current situation.

When you revisit your journal entries you begin to recognize patterns, hidden-themes, and many ah-ha moments. Meditating on anything you deemed important when you originally wrote it may provide you that much needed clarity to make a decision today, or to close a chapter of your life.

After reading that you may think keeping a journal is the one stop shop for curing your funk and giving you the keys to living your best life - IT VERY WELL MAY BE - but it’s important to know it’s just one of many tools at your disposal.

Lets review my experience journaling

Looking back one year - aka four journals ago - here are some of the ah-ha moments I had: 

  1. I have a ton to be thankful for (3 Daily Gratitudes x 365 Days = 1,095 positive moments and thoughts)

  2. I need to be WAY nicer to myself while cultivating faith in myself and my ability to achieve success

  3. Expected big changes to happen overnight - and I now I see that was wrong

& some bigger ah-ha moments: 

  1. My gut is almost always right (I don’t like to use absolutes), and when I second guess my decisions, panic, or waver from what I feel and know to be true, I'm likely setting myself up for a bad time. Intuition is a real force in my life and it would be a shame to live your life without listening to it. I detest the feeling and thought of knowing I would be better off if I had listened to my intuition.

  2. Emotions are not in control. Thoughts are not either. Stay with me; it does sound crazy. Most of us believe our emotions make our thoughts, and that’s that. But, it’s actually our thoughts, that make our emotions. If you can recognize that a thought is making you feel a certain way you can then stop the emotion. Seems simple, but there is a bit more to it…

  3. Using mindfulness to catch negative thoughts that call up negative emotions before the damage is done is def. a key to a better life. journaling about your everyday interactions and activities gives you practice decoding your thoughts.

  4. Be your authentic self - your full on, ever-evolving, awesome self! You can find a way to bring your best self to each and every interaction.

Give journaling a chance - after all, it’s a gift!

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