Improving Your Interpersonal Skills In 12 Actionable Steps

Improving Your Interpersonal Skills In 12 Actionable Steps

Interpersonal relationships skills are necessary to living your best life

A lot is said about who we are by the way we conduct ourselves; not what we say

We "speak" through interpersonal methods every day. Agreeable dialog between business partners usually looks like both individuals displaying open posture and smiling at one other, signifying agreement and mutual respect. Commitment in a marriage can be reaffirmed by a sweet surprise, just because. A gesture such as this displays everlasting love and kindness. Even more obvious is embarrassment communicated through bright red cheeks and a clumsy verbal response. 

Honing your ability to read people and to create meaningful interpersonal connection: empathize with them, understand their needs, their preferences, responses to different stimuli, and so on gives you control to ensure more favorable outcomes for yourself. Interpersonal connections 

Surprising and true, we all have the power to increase the odds in our favor. 

Interpersonal Skill types Are: 

  • Desirable Skills - The better your ability to communicate and manage relationships, the better your ability to make meaningful contributions to the team at work, your spouse and children leading to more "wins" in life.

  • Decision Making Skills - Life boils down to the decisions we make. Why not invest some time in learning how to leverage your decision making prowess to improve the quality of your life, and the lives of those you care for? Use your interpersonal skills to negotiate a better contract for your client.  

  • Problem Solving Skills - Problems happen, and they always will. Most likely, the bulk of your problem solving will be done at work. You’re going to run into problems that need you to be intentional, positive, and open to other’s feedback and points of view. You'll help bring the group to a consensus by modeling relaxed behavior and friendly facial and gestures.


93% of communication is nonverbal. Focus on improving your interpersonal skills by practicing the actions below:

  1. Smile often

  2. Walk confidently

  3. Use facial expressions

  4. Make eye contact frequently

  5. Open body language

  6. Stand tall

Verbal communication makes up only 7% of communicated information, but it's still a very important construct of our society and conversation in general. Knowing how to navigate discussions comes in handy when you're negotiating. Knowing how to achieve that best deal through negotiation is not so obvious. Start with:

  1. Being honest

  2. Actively listen

  3. Finding a win-win solution

  4. Expanding your though process

  5. Show consideration and respect

  6. Be firm and know when to walk away

Putting it all together

With each day you continue to commit you grow closer and closer to your ideal self. As with any skill it will take time for you to master the art of interpersonal communication. Continue on; be kind to yourself and make tiny improvements everyday! 

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