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Improving Your Interpersonal Skills In 12 Actionable Steps

A lot is said about who we are by the way we conduct ourselves; not what we say

We "speak" through interpersonal methods every day. Agreeable dialog between business partners usually looks like both individuals displaying open posture and smiling at one other, signifying agreement and mutual respect. Commitment in a marriage can be reaffirmed by a sweet surprise, just because. A gesture such as this displays everlasting love and kindness. Even more obvious is embarrassment communicated through bright red cheeks and a clumsy verbal response. 

Five Powerful Benefits of Journaling + Tips to Get You Started!

The day I decided to start journaling was March 24th of 2017.  Finding myself in the midst of a major life decision that would take me from Texas to California and likely alter the course of relationships and the like for the foreseeable future. 

As someone who strives to be optimistic and keep a level head at the same time, I found myself struggling to make sense of the emotions and thoughts that filled my mind. I needed a way to organize the mess and fast!