journaled for a year; here's what I learned

Work, Life, and Balance? 


Journaled for a Year; Here’s What I Learned 


  1. I expected major change to happen overnight - and I was wrong 
  2. I have a lot to be thankful for 
    1. It was always easy to come up with at least three things I am grateful for on a daily basis. In fact, I often times found myself wanting to write more than three. However, there were also days where I had to repeat entries. But that just shows that life is a constant shift between the pendulum of happiness and whatever else you want to call negativity 
  3. I need to be WAY nicer to myself 
  4. I need to believe in myself 
  5. I need to be brave - and take what I want, without thinking about others needs. 
    1. This is not an excuse to be selfish and rude to the detriment of others. However, if your mission is to get a leadership position and you think you should shy away from a great opportunity because you know so and so needs it ***Call out*** YOU THINK they need it, but you don’t know for sure - because you’re not them, and chances are you didn’t ask them to share something that person
  6. I learned that I need to do what I need to do - when I need to do it - and enter flow more often.  
  7. I need to stop the loops that don’t serve me 
  8. I learned that you’re never going to “feel like it” and in fact your thoughts control your emotions. So the more you tell yourself, I don’t feeeeeel like it - the more you strengthen that barrier you’ve let your mind create 
  9. Don’t listen to your self talk - it’s not you - it’s automatic thoughts that are generated by your environment, conditioning etc. 
  10. I need to explore more - time’s a wasting 
  11. I need to accept imperfection 
  12. I need to stop fearing other peoples reactions to my actions, even at work. You are not afraid to open your messages 
  13. You must focus on your fundamentals if you want to lead a happy balanced life 
  14. You must respect your intuition 
  15. You must be kinder to those around you and stop seeing things from just your perspective 
    1. The conclusion you jumped to - that is fueling your anger, grief, irritation etc. is your projection of what you think is happening to that person which is why they did, in your mind, a negative thing etc. 
  16. You cannot give if you have nothing to give yourself 
    1. Take time to relax and listen to your body and mind to tell you what you need, when you need it etc. 
  17. You will always get through tuff times - everything is fleeting - both positive and negative 
  18. Every moment you experience is “now” - once this now passes, you’ll never have a chance to do that now again - take action if you want it 
  19. To the same point, if it’s meant to be, the thing you desire most will present itself again 
  20. Life is a lot better when you’re turned into your gifts, purpose etc. 
  21. You cannot find purpose overnight 
  22. It’s ok to not know what your “meant to be doing” from an early age - in fact, it’s crazy that we are even setting such an expectation 
  23. You have to seek help to work through some of the deep seated issues you have 
    1. Weather thats seeking out information online from credible sources 
    2. Counseling 
    3. Therapy 
    4. etc. 
  24. You can place your entire life on hold, or your entire life’s happens on hold, due to the “when I…”, “When we…”, “if only I could…”. These are all excuses and in most cases you will execute for about a week - one month at most for the majority of the people reading this, 

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